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February 27, 2021
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  Line of Duty Deaths
  Captain William Davis 6/11/1894
  Assistant Chief James J. O'Malley 1/20/1899
  Firefighter Philip Biel 1911
  Captain Henry W. Hines 1/1/1912
  Firefighter John Owens 4/29/1913
  Firefighter Philip Biehl 11/22/1913
  Firefighter Christian Thauer 12/4/1913
  Firefighter Edward J. Conway 2/4/1916
  Fire Inspector Harry L. Reese 2/2/1920
  Firefighter Stanley R. Thomas 2/28/1922
  Firefighter Francis Noll 12/1/1924
  Captain F.E. Wilcox 1/2/1927
  Lieutenant Hugh A. Flaherty 8/25/1932
  Firefighter Edward Thomas 1/4/1934
  Lieutenant John Reese 11/2/1936
  Lieutenant Fred Snyder 11/15/1938
  Engineer William C. Richards 9/13/1940
  Lieutenant William H. Jones 2/6/1943
  Firefighter Edward Kotzwinkle 12/24/1943
  Captain Thomas Evans 4/30/1944
  Captain William Graff 6/15/1947
  Engineer John H. Davis 11/7/1947
  Firefighter William Roberts 4/9/1948
  Firefighter George Miller 3/21/1949
  Engineer George Blackledge 1/15/1950
  Captain Fred Keiper 4/22/1956
  Lieutenant Bert Thomas 7/27/1954
  Firefighter William M. Durkin 2/7/1959
  Lieutenant Aloysius Grzywinski 10/29/1959
  Firefighter Robert J. Legg 1/21/1973
  Chauffeur Edward J. Poch 3/1/1977
  Lieutenant John Buchner 11/4/1981
  Captain James L. Robeson 1/6/2008
  Firefighter Timothy Murray 1/23/2012
  Specialty Teams
  PA CO#3
  Regional Decon
  SFD on the Fireground
  Attic Fire in Bulls Head 9/6/2016
  Two Dozen Cars Burn in Keyser Valley 9/5/2016 (PHOTOS)
  South Side Attic Fire 8/28/2016
  A Victim Pulled From a Home at an Early Morning Fire in Southside 8/20/2016 (PHOTOS)
  Two Firefighters Injured At a Hill Section Fire 8/15/2016
  Kennedy Auto 6/24/2016
  Scranton Assists Dunmore FD 6/1/2016 (PHOTOS)
  Fire in the Former Scranton Lace 5/6/2016
  Fire in a West Side Triplex 5/29/2016 (PHOTOS)
  Late Night Kitchen Fire 4/5/2016
  Warehouse Fire 4/4/2016 (PHOTOS)
  A Pair of Fires for B-Shift 3/3/2016 (PHOTOS)
  Another Pair of Fires for B-Shift 3/18/2016 (PHOTOS)
  A Kitchen Fire in West Side 3/16/16
  Smokey Fire on Valentine's Day 2/14/2016 (PHOTOS)
  Second Alarm Fire for B-Shift 2/2/2016 (PHOTOS)
  South Side Garage Fire 1/21/2016 (PHOTOS)
  Woman Rescued From the Roof of Her Burning Home 1/10/2016 (PHOTOS)
  A Fire in Providence Near Truck Co. 4's Station 10/25/15
  Early Morning Kitchen Fire on Harrison Ave 10/22/2015
  Bedroom Fire on Lackawanna Ave 10/21/2015
  Firefighter Injured at South Side Fire 10/20/2015 (PHOTOS)
  A Pair of Twin Homes Burn in South Side 10/16/2015
  Sandone Tire Warehouse Conflagration 8/26/2015 (PHOTO)
  Massive Fire in PineBrook 8/5/2015 (PHOTOS)
  Fire in North Scranton 7/28/2015 (PHOTO)
  West Side House Explosion 7/18/2015
  A Pair of Fires on Sunday 6/7/2015 (PHOTOS)
  Busy Evening For A-Shift 5/22/2015
  Bedroom Fire in West Side 5/21/2015 (PHOTOS)
  Massive Fire on Green Ridge Corner 5/16/2015
  B-Shift Fire in Pinebrook 4/27/2015 (PHOTO)
  Small Fire at Laminations Inc in South Side 4/25/15 (PHOTOS)
  A Morning Fire on Short Ave. 4/19/2015
  West Side Bedroom Fire 4/17/2015 (PHOTOS)
  A Busy Monday For A-Shift 4/13/2015 (PHOTOS)
  Smokey Fire Near Bulls Head 3/22/2015
  A Busy Day for C-Shift on a Frigid Day 2/20/2015 (PHOTOS)
  Fire on a Porch in West Side 2/18/2015
  Fire at General Dynamics 2/4/2015
  Busy Night for C-Shift 1/31/2015
  SFD Assists Newton Ransom Fire Co. 1/28/2015
  Kitchen Fire in Providence Apartment Building 1/23/2015 (PHOTOS)
  Fire in a West Side Apartment Building 1/17/2015 (PHOTOS)
  Fully Involved Garage Fire in South Side 1/12/2015 (PHOTOS)
  Saturday Morning Fire in an Apartment Complex 12/13/2014 (PHOTOS)
  SFD Helping Others in Need
  Operation Warm 2017 Willard School
  2013 Hoses vs Guns Charity Football Game 12/1/2013
  Operation Warm "Coats for Kids" 2013
  Breast Cancer Awareness Check Presentation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation 11/26/2012
  2010 5K Run
  2010 Christmas Toy Drive
  Get Wheelin! Cancer Benefit for the Klee Family 9/19/10
  SFD/Red Cross 5K Race 2010
  MDA Summer Camp 6/15/10
  2009 Christmas Toy Drive
  Pet fund raiser
  Guns and Hoses Football Game
  Charity Softball Game SFD vs The ARC
  Fill the Boot MDA Fundraiser
  Minooka Little League Tournement
  Charity Softball Game SFD vs WYOU
  James Robeson Memorial Ride
  Firehouse Chili Challenge
  Fire vs. Police Basketball Game
  3rd Annual Bowling for the Brave
  Stand for Children
  Helping EOTC
  Children's 2007 Christmas Party
  Acker Ave. Fund Raiser
  Children's Christmas Party
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  Joyce Benefit
  Ferke Benefit
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